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Anglers Delight $3.25 - Use on light delicate fish. It contains salt, paprika,m orange peel and spices. ..more details

Cajun Blackening $3.25 - ..more details

Cajun Special $3.25 - ..more details

East West Salmon $3.25 - ..more details

Grilled Fish $3.25 - ..more details

Seafood $3.25 - ..more details

Spiced Salmon $3.25 - ..more details

Vancouver Salmon $3.25 - Our #1 seller for salmon and any dark fish. It contains ground peppercorns, dill, lemon peel and spices,. ..more details

Hot Grilled Shrimp $3.25 - A great coating for grilling shrimp. A combination of brow sugar and smoked paprika plus other spices. ..more details

Aussie Shrimp $3.25 - ..more details

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