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Mango Delight $3.25 - ..more details

Pineapple Passion $3.25 - ..more details

Tangerine Splash $3.25 - ..more details

Key Lime $3.25 - ..more details

White Chocolate Raspberry $3.25 - The sweetness of chocolate and the fruit of the raspberry. Great for fresh fruit or make into a bagel spread or cheesecake. ..more details

Watermelon Delight $3.25 - ..more details

Pumpkin Pie $3.25 - ..more details

Pina Colada $3.25 - ..more details

Black Raspberry $3.25 - ..more details

Caramel Apple Dip $3.25 - Great for dipping apples, as a cheese ball, or make into cheese cake. It contains sugar,apple powder and caramel powder. ..more details

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